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Are you unhappy with your smile because of yellowed or stained teeth? Have you tried numerous teeth whitening treatments in the dentist office and at home, but they just don’t give you the results you want, or results that last? We’re excited to offer you the solution everyone’s talking about: KoR Teeth Whitening in Spring, TX!

The effectiveness of over-the-counter and professional whitening treatments depends on a number of factors:

Most stains are organic, caused by certain foods, beverages and tobacco that discolor the outer tooth.
Over-the-counter whitening treatments contain much lower amounts of bleaching agents than in-office systems, so they may lighten the stains but can’t totally remove them.
Most professional teeth whitening products contain a much more powerful bleaching agent than anything you can buy at the store and will remove most organic stains, but the results are not long-term.
Fluoride (fluorosis) and tetracycline stains develop during childhood in permanent teeth before they erupt. These inorganic stains actually bind to molecules and become part of the enamel, dentin and bones, making the teeth resistant to both over-the-counter and professional whitening methods.

KoR whitening agents restore the ability of the teeth to absorb oxygen, allowing the whitening gel to penetrate deep into the teeth to dissolve stain molecules – both organic and inorganic. The KoR system provides:

Specially designed, tight fitting whitening trays that keep saliva out: saliva weakens the bleaching formula, an issue with other whitening trays
Superior whitening without heat or laser light
Little to no teeth sensitivity during or after treatment, a problem with many other teeth whitening treatments
Significant whitening never before possible for teeth discolored by fluoride and tetracycline
A long-lasting solution to keeping teeth white

KoR Teeth Whitening, the new standard for whiter, brighter smiles
If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist with the latest technology in teeth whitening in Spring, TX, contact us at SpringLove Dentistry. Discover a level of teeth whiteness not possible before — and enjoy life more with your engaging, youthful, bright smile!

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