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What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy involves removing the pulp of a tooth after it’s become infected or exposed. Every one of your teeth has an inner pulp, which is home to the nerves and blood supply specific to that tooth. If tooth decay is able to reach the pulp or if the tooth has cracked or broken to the point of exposing it, the pulp will need to be removed. Most often, the signs of needing a root canal are severe toothache and pain as well as sensitivity to hot and cold liquids.

Why is Root Canal Therapy needed?

Root canals are typically needed when a cavity is ignored for too long. Over time, the small cavity gets larger and larger until the decay eventually reaches the inside of the tooth. Another reason you might need a root canal is because one of your teeth has broken or cracked, exposing the pulp and causing pain. The sooner that you have the root canal done when it’s needed, the better off the tooth will be and the less pain you’ll experience.

What Is Root Canal Therapy
Why Is Root Canal Therapy Needed

Who is a candidate for Root Canal Therapy?

With a typical oral examination and x-rays, we can determine if you’ll need a root canal. It’s not uncommon for patients to come in for emergencies involving pain and sensitivity to find out they need a root canal as well. Root canal therapy is incredibly beneficial, as it saves the structure of the tooth and prevents the need for an extraction.

What can you expect with Root Canal Therapy?

We begin by administering local anesthetic to the area where the root canal will be done. We then place a rubber dental dam over the tooth to isolate it. The next step involves removing any decay from the tooth and getting down to the pulp. The pulp is then removed using specialized instruments and the canals of the roots cleaned thoroughly of any remaining matter. We fill the canals with a special medicated material and close the small hole in the tooth with filling material. The procedure should take less than an hour in the office.

If you think you might need a root canal or would like to learn more about the procedure, call us today and we can help to answer any of your questions.

Who Is A Candidate For Root Canal Therapy