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What is an Inlay/Onlay?

Inlays and onlays are types of restorations that are placed inside the cusps of a tooth (inlay) or over the top of the tooth (onlay) to cover an area that’s damaged or compromised. They are often necessary if you have a deep cavity, large filling or if only the top portion of a tooth has broken or cracked. Either of these restorations can last for decades with no special care. They are custom-made to match perfectly with the rest of your smile.

Why is an Inlay/Onlay needed?

Inlays are often needed when there is an area of deep or large decay as well as if you have a big filling in one or more of your teeth. Onlays are more suitable for teeth that have broken, cracked or have been compromised enough to warrant this restoration. Inlays and onlays act like regular dental crowns, but are smaller in size. This prevents the need from fully compromising the tooth just to place a crown.

What Is An Inlay Onlay
Why Is An Inlay Onlay Needed

Who is a candidate for an Inlay/Onlay?

We can conduct an exam to determine if you might need one or both of these restorations. Some of our patients request inlays and onlays rather than fillings or crowns because they’re more durable and resilient. We can even replace older amalgam fillings with an inlay or onlay to better match your smile. If you need an inlay or onlay, it’s best to have one placed sooner rather than later.

What can you expect during the Inlay/Onlay procedure?

We will remove any old filling material or decay and then prep the area for the new restoration. Impressions are taken of your mouth and used to make a new restoration for that specific tooth. The second visit into our office involves placing the restoration. We make minor adjustments to it to ensure that it fits and feels comfortable. Your new inlay or onlay can last for many years and provide you with a gorgeous, bright smile.

If you think you might need an inlay or onlay, call our office today and we will be happy to further assist you in scheduling an appointment.

Who Is A Candidate For An Inlay Onlay