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What Makes a Great Summer Vacation

Summer is Upon Us
It’s that time a year again when the last bell rings in the school yards. The anticipation of the first day of summer is on the minds of all children. A time when they can be set free of homework and early to bed schedules. When staying up late playing with friends is the new routine. Those hot summer days filled with playing in sprinklers and the local pool. And a time to see the dentist.
See the dentist you say? Why on earth would that be on the mind of anyone’s summer plans? Believe it or not but the summer is the perfect time to get in those appointments in. By seeing the dentist in the summer, your child will miss less school and can have all their appointments scheduled at convenient times if any treatment plans are in order.
Braces for All Faces
Summer is also the best time for starting an orthodontic program. With the changes that occur with starting braces, a child can get used to any appliance in their mouth and take it easy if discomfort appears. They also can get used to talking differently or overcome any issues of self-consciousness if that might be an issue. In the fall, you will see your child smiling with confidence knowing that soon they will have the smile of their lifetime.Vacation at Our Place
While summer is here and you might have a family vacation in your mind, you may want to think about scheduling the whole family for their six month cleaning at SpringLove Dentistry. We may not have fun rides or pool to swim in, but we do have to give you peace of mind knowing that your family’s oral health care is always taken care of. While you are making your summer plans, why not take the time to schedule your time at our office, your peace of mind, SpringLove Dentistry.

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