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The ugly, smelly truth of poor dental hygiene

Truth be told, most people don’t like to brush and floss their teeth. But you likely know that daily oral hygiene habits are necessary to avoid bad breath, cavities, gum disease and tooth loss, so like most people, you probably brush at least once a day — and hopefully floss, too. Actually, at SpringLove Dentistry in Spring, TX, we recommend brushing twice and flossing once a day so you’ll have the best chance of avoiding dental health problems.

Just out of curiosity, let’s consider what happens when you don’t brush your teeth.

Miss brushing just one day, and your teeth will feel slimy and tacky with plaque growing on your teeth and gums. You’ll still be tasting that garlic from last night’s dinner, and people will back off when you talk to them to avoid your smelly breath.

Miss brushing just one week, and your teeth look dingy from all the bacteria, food and plaque that’s building up on them. Foods taste weird and your breath is nearly intolerable to others. Forget kissing your sweetheart, interviewing for a job or making an in-person sales call.

Miss brushing a few weeks, and you’ve set the stage for gum disease and tooth decay. Plaque and bacteria may have gotten under the gum line, causing inflammation and possible infection. Your tooth enamel may have begun eroding, leading to cavities. You’re probably used to the constant foul taste in your mouth and comments about your bad breath.

By the way, mouth bacteria may cause other serious health conditions Bacteria left to grow under the gum line can also affect your body systems. Studies have shown a link between gum disease and heart disease, pneumonia, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Imagine not brushing your teeth for 20 years

A British man never brushed his teeth during childhood. When he was 21, he realized his chosen career necessitated having better teeth. He needed extensive dental work, including 11 teeth pulled and replaced with implants. If you want to see what not taking care of your teeth could look like, check out his photo here.

Visit your Spring, TX dentist today

Give your mouth, teeth and gums the best chance to stay healthy. Brush twice daily, floss daily, and make an appointment with SpringLove Dentistry today so you can enjoy a lifetime of white teeth, fresh breath, and happy smiles.

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