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What are Six Month Braces®?

As an adult with crooked or crowded teeth, you want an orthodontic treatment that is both invisible as well as quick. You don’t want to spend years in bulky metal braces just to improve the look of your smile. With Six Month Braces®, you can benefit from clear brackets and tooth-colored wiring that is specifically meant to straighten your smile in six months. The treatment is specially geared to adults and older teens over the age of 16.

Why might Six Month Braces® be needed?

Whether you’ve never straightened your teeth before or have undergone orthodontic treatment and failed to maintain your results, Six Month Braces® is a viable option that works. In roughly six months, your teeth will be straighter and more aligned, improving your smile and making it easier to care for your teeth. Six Month Braces® uses a system of clear brackets and tooth-colored white wiring which causes the braces to be nearly invisible.

What Are Six Month Braces
Why Might Six Month Braces® Be Needed

Who is a good candidate for Six Month Braces®?

Because Six Month Braces® works so quickly to straighten teeth, it’s more geared to adults and older teens over the age of 16. This ensures that teeth have already fully developed and will benefit the most from the treatment. We can examine your teeth and consult with you to determine if Six Month Braces® are right for your needs. Most patients who are interested in Six Month Braces® are eligible for treatment.

What happens during treatment for Six Month Braces®?

We begin by consulting with you and taking x-rays. We then create a specialized treatment plan specific to your needs. The next step is to apply the clear brackets to your teeth. Tooth-colored white wiring is then placed over these brackets to help straighten and align your smile. You will need to come in regularly to have the wiring tightened and changed. You can expect full results in six months and will have the ability to show off your brand new smile.

If you think you might need or want Six Month Braces®, call our office today and we can get you in for a consultation appointment.

Good Candidate For Six Month Braces

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