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Must April Sugar Spell Doom for Our Teeth?

Everyone in Spring, TX agrees on one thing about Easter: We love baskets full of sugary treats like chocolate bunnies, marshmallow Peeps and jelly beans. And another April treat is all the fresh fruits in season – a natural sugar bonanza. But we’ve always heard that sugar is bad for teeth. So do we have to skip Easter candy and fresh fruits just to protect our teeth? Is there a strategy, or some secret weapon, to reduce the harmful effects of sugar on teeth? Absolutely! The SpringLove Dentistry team in Spring, TX has some tips and tricks.

Bacteria Eat Sugar and Make Acid
Sugar alone won’t harm teeth. The tooth-damaging culprits are acids. When we eat or drink sugary and starchy things (that turn into sugar), we supply sugar to the already-present mouth bacteria that make acid. We can get acids from citrus fruits and drinks, too. These acids start dissolving the tooth enamel, usually within the first 20 minutes after eating.

Fortunately, our saliva comes to wash away the acids and – amazingly – to actually rebuild the tooth enamel using minerals in the saliva itself. So there is an ongoing battle between the bad acids and the hero saliva. But if the attacking acids from sugary foods come often, the saliva cannot keep up. When the bacteria and acids win, cavities start to form and gum disease can begin. If you skip your regular checkups and professional teeth cleanings, your dental future may lead to cavities and gum disease, requiring fillingsroot canalsextractions, and crowns. At SpringLove Dentistry, we can help adults and children with all of these, but preventing dental problems is the best way to go!

Your Spring, TX Dentists Suggest You Can Empower the Hero Saliva
You can enjoy Easter treats, starchy foods and fresh fruits, and reduce their harmful effects on our teeth, if you follow this easy plan suggested by our Spring, TX dentists to give your saliva a fighting chance against the bacteria and acids:

Limit the amount of sugary and acidy foods and drinks each day.
Thoroughly floss once and brush at least twice each day.
Eat fiber-rich fruits and vegetables regularly, and include cheese, yogurt and dairy products, too.

Here is a secret fact: Research shows the acids weaken your enamel in the first few minutes after they form in your mouth, so it is best to immediately rinse your mouth and then wait an hour before brushing.

And here are three secret weapons against the acids:

Rinse your mouth with a mixture of baking soda and water (without actually brushing) after mid-day sweets and citrus.
Eat cheese, which slows the acid, helps generate more saliva, and provides enamel-building minerals like calcium and phosphate.
Chew sugarless gum, which can help sweep food particles from the mouth and stimulate more saliva flow.

Enjoy April treats in Spring, TX, including fruits and sweets, knowing that taking a few precautions can help your teeth and gums overcome those challenges!

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