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Dental Implants are Viable Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

You probably have some idea of what dental implants are, mostly from their name, but as dentists, we’re often surprised at the amount of people who don’t consider dental implants to be a viable option for replacing their missing teeth.
We’d like to tell you today that dental implants are perfect for just about anyone with gaps in their smile!
Nobody likes having missing teeth. They can make eating certain foods difficult or painful, cause your face to look hollow and even allow your remaining teeth to shift around. Perhaps worst of all, missing teeth can also make you feel embarrassed to smile.
The idea behind dental implants is very simple. Teeth are like icebergs; a significant amount of their mass is below the surface. To replace a tooth entirely both the crown and the roots must be accounted for.

Replacing the root, a titanium anchor is surgically secured into the bone by a dental professional. Over time, through a process called “osseointegration,” the anchor will fuse to the bone and develop an extremely strong bond with it. Provided the bone is and remains healthy, the anchor is virtually guaranteed to stay in place for a lifetime.
Once the osseointegration process is sufficiently complete, which can take several months, the dental professional needs to secure a crown to the anchor. The crown replaces the top part of the tooth; the part of the tooth that is visible and used for chewing. First, they will custom-make a synthetic tooth for you, usually at a separate facility. This tooth is designed specifically to fit your smile in terms of everything from size, shape and type to even color. They will then secure the crown to the anchor with something similar to an everyday screw.
Because the procedure is so straight-forward, it can work for very nearly anyone with missing teeth. In general, if you are healthy enough for a simple extraction, you can easily have a dental implant.
So if you think you will just have to accept life with an unsightly and unhealthy gap in your teeth, think again! Dental implants are simple, work for almost anyone and, on top of everything, are surprisingly affordable! Be sure to ask your dentist about dental implants during your next visit.

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